Onboard Energy Storage System (OBESS)

Our innovative onboard energy storage system (OBESS) provides your railway vehicles a reliable way to save enormous amounts of energy for your daily operations, which reduces your carbon footprint.

Kinetic energy (from the train braking) is collected and converted into thermal energy, before it is fed to the onboard energy storage system.
ApoSys, Supercapacitor Onboard Energy Storage System, OBESS, regenerative brakingOverview of Onboard Energy Storage System, How OBESS works, 25% of regenerative braking energy recovered, 14.4 kWh electricity needed, 66% system efficiency
Recycling your braking energy can easily power up the supercapacitors and give you more than 25% in energy savings during rail operations.

Supercapacitors, Super Saving

While many railway trains lack any form of regenerative energy systems, our system will be a game changer to help you reduce your energy consumption and be operationally efficient. The OBESS consists of:
ApoSys Components of Onboard Energy Storage system, Supercapacitors, Batteries, Power management system Components of Onboard Energy Storage System, Supercapacitors, Batteries, Power Management System
With a working life of 10 years and 40x higher energy output than batteries, these are designed to augment the train’s power and lower its reliance on the grid.
Stores all the braking energy for the train’s subsequent use.
Optimizes the energy usage on the train, while also ensuring an uninterrupted power supply in the event of a grid failure.


ApoSys Eco-Friendly, decarbonisation, sustainable
With your 25% energy savings using Aposys’ OBESS, each train vehicle can save 0.7 GWh of energy and reduce 550 tons of CO2 emissions every year. Imagine how much your entire fleet can save!
How can I raise the Operational Efficiency of my railway operations
Less Maintenance Needed
Less Maintenance Needed
Our system reduces the wear and tear of the braking system, prolonging its life cycle by 25% before repairs are needed. At any one time, this allows for more rail vehicles to be deployed.
ApoSys Automated Predictions, predictive maintenance
Automated Predictions
Catenary-free During Emergencies
The OBESS allows trains to move without external supply, especially in emergency situations such as grid failure. Independent movements within depots or workshops without power supply are also possible.