Our state-of-the-art north-seeking technology can measure azimuth and True North in challenging environments where GPS is not accessible and there is great magnetic interference.

Solution for Precise Underground Rig Alignment

The ability to accurately determine headings is a challenge in many industrial settings where measuring Earth's magnetic field is unreliable, differential GPS signals are unavailable, and the sun is invisible. This includes underground, underwater, and in satellite orbit.

True North is defined by the Earth's axis of rotation axis. By measuring the Earth's rotation using gyroscopes, the axis of rotation and the direction of North can be computed. However, this signal is too weak to be directly detected by most commercial gyroscopes, so clever techniques are needed to extract the signal from the noise and remove biases from the gyros. Because the rotation of the Earth is a constant, steady signal, biases in the sensors can be removed by applying a mechanical modulation and then averaging out the constant offset bias. 

Our competitors use the same approach but with very expensive gyros. The technology we are proposing uses an optimized modulation technique that will enable much more cost-effective gyros to achieve the same level of accuracy. It is based on machine learning and the advanced science of ultra-sensitive microwave detectors.


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