Predictive. Integrated. Scalable.

Empowering you with actionable data that optimizes your maintenance needs. Collected instantaneously without deploying additional assets.


Safe work zones with minimal downtime

By integrating an array of ApoSys sensors onto your existing fleets, you eliminate the need to rely on 3rd party contractors for inspection.

ApoSys Road Networks
Railway Infrastructure

A lean, sustainable framework

ApoSys enables you to analyze so much more with less resources needed.

How can Predictive Maintenance help in railway maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Our Machine Learning algorithms tailor predictive models (of up to 20 years) that tells you exactly when repair is needed. Maintenance efforts are focused on specific assets before failure occurs, ensuring a robust infrastructural network that prevents resources from being wasted on breakdown maintenance.

What is predictive maintenance?
How to reduce the amount of data collected when maintaining my railway network

Data Reduction

Our sensors pick up and save only what is necessary for analysis. While the average data collection for a 1000 km route can accumulate as much as 8 TB of data, our analyses run faster as less data needs to be processed. We focus only on what is most important, so that you can quickly scale your maintenance needs.

How can data reduction help?
How to make rail transportation more sustainable and eco-friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Our proprietary systems are designed to reduce the energy needed to operate your rail fleet. When equipped with supercapacitors and an intuitive power management system, your fleet could reduce its energy consumption by up to 25%.

How can my rail fleet be more sustainable?
How can I raise the Operational Efficiency of my railway operations

Operational Efficiency

Less downtime is needed for repairs. Even if you have a perfect servicing record with zero breakdowns, resources are never optimized if you perform maintenance on assets that don’t need it. Let us help you run your fleet at its full potential.

Find out how to optimize your rail operations

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