Underground GPS

Our UGPS technology overcomes the limitations of a satellite-based GPS and generates a live 3D map of underground environments, ensuring that anyone who enters your mining caves never gets lost inside.

Vehicle-mounted LiDAR receiver unit, Tablet Heads-Up Display, mining equipmentVehicle-mounted LiDAR receiver unit, Tablet Heads-Up Display, digital mining equipment
LiDAR Receiver Unit
Mounted atop any vehicle, an employee only needs to scan the mine once for the base map to be built. Our centimetre-accurate UGPS receiver guarantees the map’s high accuracy
Tablet HUD
After building the base map, drivers can easily navigate via a tablet installed within the vehicle

Live Positioning for Miners

Many existing LiDAR-based products can only generate a point cloud map, but ApoSys provides portable UGPS receivers that pinpoints real-time, centimeter-accurate location data of your miners. Each time these receivers capture new information about the tunnels, the base map is updated accordingly.
Individual LiDAR receiver setup, Accurate GPS, Mobile Heads-Up Display, mining equipmentIndividual LiDAR receiver setup, Accurate GPS, Mobile Heads-Up Display, mining equipment
Accurate GPS
Our UGPS has centimeter accuracy, which drastically improves mining efficiency
Individual LiDAR Receiver
Lightweight and portable, these LiDAR sensors will detect any changes to the tunnel and update the mainframe underground GPS processing system.
Mobile HUD
An intuitive interface on their phones will facilitate quick navigation throughout the mine

Other UGPS Applications

Autonomous truck navigation
Autonomous Truck Navigation
Fleet Collision Avoidance
Fleet Collision Avoidance
Mine Digitization
Mine Digitization
Tunnel Boring Localization
Tunnel Boring Localizaton