High-precision laser for placement or alignment tasks for in-the-hole (ITH) long - hole drills, percussive drills, sonic drills, metre-eater drills, and bar-and-arm drills


2 laser projections

IP67 ruggedized design

Multiple mounting options

Versatile, Portable, Affordable, Ruggedized Rig Aligner

XAlign is a manual rotary laser instrument that is simple to use, ruggedized, and accurate to perform alignment tasks for in-the-hole (ITH) long hole drills, percussive drills, sonic drills, and more. It works for different drill rig sizes, models, positioning requirements and in distinctive environments with clamping or magnetic base plates. The aligner's versatility can simplify various alignment tasks, improve setup accuracy, increase mining productivity and safety, and lower operating costs. A real product for underground mine.

Features and Value Proposition


Specially designed for the underground mining environment. After a thorough failure-mode analysis, we put our drill laser through the toughest impact tests: the XAlign can withstand the impact from a two-metre fall onto solid bedrock. Tough enough for you?

Visible when mounted

Drill lasers can be easily damaged in the darkness of the underground mine. The bright LED illuminator on the XAlign can keep it visible as long as it is mounted on the drill rig.

Real time dip & dump measurement

Select an advanced model for real-time dip and dump measurement. Get maximum convenience with an affordable instrument. Increase the safety and confidence of your workers.

Technical Specifications


Position Accuracy at 10 m 1 cm
Working Range Horizontal 360°
Laser Color (typical wavelength) red (638 nm)
Laser Class IIIa
Laser Range 30 m
Power Supply 9V battery
Charging Time N/A
Operation Time 48 hrs
Protection IP67
Dimensions (H × W × D) 12.5 Iin.× 5.4 in.× 1.5 in.
Weight 5 lbs
Package Weight 7 lbs


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