XAlign SmartLaser Aligner, a must-have alignment tool in a drillers' toolbox to perform all alignment tasks and acquire all data: positioning, azimuth angle, dip, and dump.


2 red lasers for measurement & 2 green lasers for guidance

5 modes for every alignment task and every drilling operation process

Double reference point scans to get all positioning measurement in azimuth and distance

Smart Laser, Simple Measure

The drillers enter azimuth angle and/or distance from tablet, the XAlign SmartLaser Aligner reads inputs, scans reference points, calculates the new placement, and guides the drillers/miners to point the drill at the new location. The results will be stored in the device and available for download for future reference or performance analysis. The aligner is designed to withstand day-to-day use in harsh underground mining environments.

With the advanced laser measurement technology and an intuitive driller interface, the drillers can accurately align drill rigs. The device provides the quick and easy setup process to eliminate string lines, measuring tapes and expensive equipment rentals.

Features and Value Proposition

A Driller’s tool

The XAlign SmartLaser Aligner was designed by and for drillers, who have been involved in its development from the beginning (engineering, workflow design, and quality assurance). With a rugged design, the device easily withstands drillers' drop testing and is built to the highest quality standard.

Versatile for alignment

The XAlign SmartLaser Aligner is for drillers, surveyors, and miners who need to perform alignment and survey tasks regularly. Its small size and light weight make it easy to use in a variety of applications. The tool comes with different mounting mechanisms, so you can set it up on a tripod, a stand or a drill rig. You define the task and we'll adapt the device to meet your needs.

Dustproof & waterproof

Miners need a laser that can be used in the harsh environment of an underground mine, with constant exposure to dust, water, hydraulic fluid and sulfur . The enclosure of ourXAlign SmartLaser Aligner has an ingress protection (IP) enclosure rating of 67. That means complete protection from dust and water immersion up to 1 metre. We take care of what you need.

Technical Specifications


Distance Accuracy at 15 m 3 mm (Combination of angle and distance)
Angle Accuracy in 360 ° 0.5 °
Communication Bluetooth, USB
Working Range Horizontal 360°, Verticle 310°
Laser Color (typical wavelength) red (638 nm) for measurement
  Green(565 nm) for indication
Laser Class 2
Laser Range 30 m
Power Supply 5V rechargable battery
Charging time 8 hrs
Operation Time 24 hrs
Protection IP67
Dimensions (H × W × D) 8.7 in. × 4.3 in.× 3.9 in.
Weight 6 lbs
Package Weight: 15 lbs


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